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Hillock Green: Embrace the Good Life in Singapore’s Latest Eco-Friendly Condo

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In the vibrant heart of Singapore, Hillock Green condo seamlessly blends opulent living with eco-consciousness. This recently developed condominium, nestled in the serene Bukit Tomah region, offers a harmonious fusion of tranquility and proximity to the lively city center. Let’s delve into the unique attributes of Hillock Green, underscoring its steadfast dedication to sustainability while ensuring residents experience a lifestyle of luxury and comfort.

1. Location and Setting

Ideally Hillock Green location at Lentor Central in Bukit Tomah, Hillock Green offers residents a peaceful retreat surrounded by natural reserves and lush green spaces. This prime location ensures a harmonious blend of calm living and the convenience of being close to urban amenities.

2. Sustainable Design:

Hillock Green sets itself apart with a strong dedication to environmentally friendly design principles. The buildings incorporate solar panels, harnessing renewable energy to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Additionally, rainwater harvesting systems are strategically implemented to collect and utilize rainwater for various purposes, further enhancing its commitment to sustainability.

3. Landscaping:

A defining feature of Hillock Green in Singapore is its meticulously landscaped gardens, not only enhancing the visual appeal of the condominium but also contributing to improved air quality and the promotion of biodiversity within the community.

4. Eco-Friendly Amenities:

Hillock Green condo is designed to cater to eco-conscious residents, offering a range of amenities that reflect a commitment to sustainability. These include a seawater-purified swimming pool, an energy-efficient fitness center, and dedicated paths for jogging and cycling, providing residents with green alternatives for their leisure activities.

5. Waste Management:

Prioritizing waste reduction and recycling, Hillock Green condo has implemented effective waste sorting systems. Residents are encouraged to segregate recyclables, and the provision of composting bins for organic waste underscores the comprehensive waste management practices within the condominium.

6. Mobility and Access:

In promoting green mobility, Hillock Green provides designated bicycle parking spaces and electric vehicle charging stations. Its strategic location ensures easy access to public transportation, encouraging residents to rely less on private vehicles and contribute to a greener urban environment.

7. Community Engagement:

Residents actively engage in sustainability initiatives, participating in educational programs, workshops, and gardening groups. This sense of community involvement fosters a shared commitment to environmental stewardship, creating a supportive and environmentally conscious living environment.


Hillock Green stands as a beacon of modern living, showcasing the harmonious coexistence of luxury and environmental consciousness. Its sustainable features, combined with lush surroundings and an engaged community, offer residents not just a home but a lifestyle that aligns with their values. 

If you’re in search of a residence that seamlessly integrates green living without compromising on comfort and design, Hillock Green condo is a compelling choice. Embrace a sustainable lifestyle at Hillock Green  and relish the best of both worlds, where luxury meets environmental responsibility. Book an appointment now

Hillock Green
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Hillock Green: Embrace the Good Life in Singapore’s Latest Eco-Friendly Condo
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