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Explore Hillock Green Condo: Redefining Modern Living

Introducing Hillock Green Condo, the result of a collaborative effort between Forsea Residence Pte. Ltd., UED Alpha Pte. Ltd., and Soilbuild Group Holdings Ltd. This project aims to revolutionize our perception of contemporary living spaces.

This development is truly unique, boasting a combination of low-rise structures spanning five stories and a high-rise zone, culminating in a total of 475 residential units. Its architectural design embodies a vision of a lush, pedestrian-friendly environment, seamlessly blending with nature.

Nature’s Sanctuary

At Hillock Green, residents enjoy a direct link to the upcoming Lentor Hillock Park, a standout feature of the area. Situated adjacent to the development, this green oasis offers an escape from the urban hustle, allowing residents to unwind amidst nature without leaving home.

With lush landscaping just steps away, residents can relax in tranquility, embracing the beauty of their surroundings.

More than just a green space, Lentor Hillock Park invites residents to reconnect with nature, fostering a sense of calm beyond the typical urban setting. Here, nature becomes an integral part of daily life, ensuring that residents can enjoy its benefits as part of their routine.

The Ultimate Convenience Hub

This site is a valuable addition to an already exceptional selection. Situated in the newly constructed Lentor Hills Estate, this property goes beyond the norm of residential development, serving as a crucial component in the creation of a sustainable and community-centric neighborhood.

living room inside hillock green condo
living room inside hillock green condo

It’s a prime example of convenience, with Lentor’s MRT station (TE8) of the Thomson East Coast Line (TEL) within walking distance. Future residents will not only enjoy the convenience of Lentor MRT but also its connectivity to other MRT lines.

This includes the Circle Line via Haw Par Villa MRT station (CC25), the Downtown Line via Stevens MRT station (DT10), and the North-South Line via Orchard MRT station (NS22).

Ultimate Comfort

Beyond its commitment to sustainable living and prime location, Hillock Green Condo goes above and beyond by offering a diverse range of premium amenities tailored to residents of all ages and lifestyles.

Here’s a sneak peek at the luxurious amenities awaiting you in this verdant haven:

Fitness At our gym, your fitness aspirations won’t miss a beat. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to provide you with the best resources to stay physically active and achieve your goals.

Swimming Pool

Whether you’re seeking relief from a hot summer day or prefer a low-impact workout, our pool offers the perfect spot to unwind and stay fit.

Tennis Court

Whether you’re looking to enhance your tennis skills or enjoy a friendly match with neighbors or friends, our tennis court provides the perfect opportunity for recreation and fun.


When it’s time to unwind and let go, our Jacuzzi offers the ultimate relaxation spot.


Experience holistic rejuvenation with a sauna session that revitalizes not just your body, but also your mind and spirit.


Give your children a safe and enjoyable space to be active, play, and socialize with other kids.

BBQ Pits

Hosting parties and gatherings for family and friends has never been easier. Our BBQ pits provide a picturesque setting for celebrations.


Versatile and inviting, our clubhouse offers a space for various activities, from parties and gatherings to conferences or simply unwinding with a good book in peaceful surroundings.

Function Rooms

For your upcoming events or celebrations, our well-equipped function rooms offer comfort and versatility, catering to any occasion.

These amenities reflect our commitment to a holistic lifestyle, blending luxurious living with nature and convenience.

Setting Expectations

Learn about our Hillock Green Pricing to anticipate the value and amenities available at Hillock Green Condo, ensuring transparency and clarity.

While formal pricing and specifications have not been released, the development is expected to be competitive with other launches in the area. The commitment to crafting a unique living environment that blends modernity with the natural world reassures prospective buyers that their investment will be worthwhile.

A Commitment to Excellence

Hillock Green Condo isn’t just any residential project; it represents a promise—a promise of a lifestyle that seamlessly merges modernity with nature. Here, the natural world isn’t just a distant concept; it’s an integral part of our daily routine. This promise extends to luxurious amenities, eco-friendly design, and the ultimate comfort of living in a community-oriented neighborhood.

Beyond the confines of our home, Hillock Green Developer vision encompasses the lush green spaces of Lentor Hillock Park, the bustling streets of Lentor Hills Estate, and the future prospects for us and our loved ones.

When pondering modern living, this location should come to mind—a place where the ordinary transforms into something extraordinary. Here, the present seamlessly merges with the future, offering a fresh perspective on living that’s anything but ordinary.

Embracing Tomorrow: The Promise of Hillock Green Condo

Hillock Green Condo isn’t just a name—it’s a groundbreaking concept that promises a whole new way of living. Nestled in the vibrant Lentor Hills Estate, it seamlessly combines luxury, eco-conscious design, and a profound connection to nature.

This prime location offers a plethora of amenities and embraces a community-oriented lifestyle, redefining contemporary living standards.

The visionary design of this development encourages residents to embrace a lifestyle that transcends mere physical structures—it fosters a harmonious relationship with the natural world.

With its proximity to top schools, convenient transportation options, and integration into the upcoming Lentor Hillock Park, Hillock Green Condo offers a holistic living experience for everyone involved.

To book an appointment with Hillock Green Showflat just register through this developer’s official website or you can call our sales hotline directly at +65 91017777

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